The Masks of Wladysław Teodor Benda

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Thanks Dangerous Minds!

Matt Singer’s “All This Joy”

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An lovely new video for Matt Singers's "All This Joy". It even has puppets!

Directed by Jesse Garrison and produced by Melissa Creighton and Matt.

You can buy the single here. The album "drops" on April 26.


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"Ted" is a new feature film from Seth McFarLane. It seems he has cornered the Foul-Mouthed Cute-Thing market. The Red Band trailer is very funny! This actually might put a nail in Puppetry's coffin. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.


Doug North, Automata Maker

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Enjoy some great automata action from Doug North!

More about him here!

Thanks Paul Spirito!

Gaultier and Puppets

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Enjoy these sexy puppet ads for Diet Coke featuring Jean-Paul Gaultier and some marionettes built by Puppet Heap!


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“Corkers” kits are available in six animals: monkey, rabbit, deer, raven, buffalo and bear.

Found at Cakehead Loves Evil

Maggie the GPS

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Supper funny and brilliant shadow puppet film from SuperEgo!

Frank the Horse’s Christmas Program

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Thank you Mark Gale for starting off the season right!

I hope this brings you as much joy as it brought me!

“Junk Palace” at BAM

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So after you see "Kooky" this coming Sunday, Nov. 20. at 2pm, stay for "Live Action Puppets Shorts Program B". There are some great films in this group, but Lyon Hill's "Junk Palace" is as close to puppet film perfection as I have ever encountered. It's beautiful, creepy, a great, true New York story told well, and the first film I have seen in a long time with a quality I can aspire to.

I don't usually recommend puppet films to people. Finding good new puppet films for this blog has been difficult. I wish all puppet films, short and long, were this good. Go see it!

Here's the trailer. Enjoy!

Puppets on Film at BAM

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So those of you who know me, or read this blog on a regular basis, know my love and my expertise is puppets in the recorded media. Don't get me wrong! I love a good live puppet show or a bit of stop motion genius. But puppets on film is my vocation.

Lucky for me and you BAMcinématek has partnered with Cheryl Henson and Lindsey Z. Briggs from the Henson Foundation to curate BAM's Puppets on Film festival! 9 days of puppet film happiness! From November 12th thru the 20th BAM has one of the most diverse groupings of puppet films that I have ever seen, including 5 brand new documentaries!

You an see the schedule here!

I am most excited for the American premieres of "Kooky", which I blogged about before, and "The Legend of the Sacred Stone", the best Taiwanese Kung-fu puppet film you will ever see. I make all my puppet film students watch it as an excellent example of puppeteering with the edit.

Also, my short film "Harry the Hobo's Stinky Puppet Theater", (starring Jim "Nappy" Napolitano) will be screening in front of "Team America: World Police" on Nov. 19th. I couldn't be prouder!

Here's an interview with Cheryl Henson about the festival she did on WNYC.